About Meditation

Meditation is both a spiritual practice and a thoroughly down-to-earth, practical tool, which not only supports modern living, but seems to be more relevant today than it has ever been.

We live in a society, which prides itself on its mental acuity, its intellect. Yet at the same time we do very little to actually take care of our mind. It is as if we all want to own a Ferrari, but don’t want to ever service it, clean it, check its oil and water levels. And in fact, it is quite likely that whatever car you own, you take better care of it than you take care of your own mind, and its wellbeing. But you still expect it to function at optimal levels despite this lack of care.

Meditation is simply the practice of taking care of your mind so it can function better and support you in your daily life, no matter what you ask of it. Meditation cleans your mind of all the clutter that builds up, causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused or distracted. 

Whatever challenge you may be facing, or whatever goal you want to achieve, I can help you to develop a daily practice which serves you and can transform your life and bring in the clarity, peace, joy and love that you are looking for.

When I started working with Sara, I was at a real low-point. Through meditation I learned that I still fall into the same traps but I have new ways to deal with them. I am a bit easier on myself and a bit more patient with others. As a result I managed to get over my ex and recently moved in with my new boyfriend, which is amazing!

Amelia De Los Rios | Art & Language Teacher