Freediving is…. - better than sex?

That indescribable feeling of…. And this is me after a black-out!

That indescribable feeling of…. And this is me after a black-out!

Why do we freedive? Why, once bitten, are we eternally smitten by this crazy, silent, sport where our lips turn blue and it's accepted that we pee in our clothing! What is it about holding our breath underwater that makes us feel so, well…, so…., er….., good? In fact, that word, 'good', hardly does it justice does it! Great? Amazing? Fucking fantastic?!?! it's hard to describe in words, that feeling of weightlessness, melting, connection, silence, peace, joy, bliss, compression and expansion - all at the same time! If you've experienced it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! There is absolutely nothing on earth to compare to that perfect dive (well, OK, great sex and possibly really, really good organic dark chocolate if I'm having a very, very bad day).

Last year some freedivers were in Dahab as part of a project to capture the essence of the indescribable… In many words, and many ways, I think it comes close to explaining just why freediving makes us feel so…. indescribably good!

If you want to learn more about my unique approach to freediving, which is based around the pleasure that freediving brings us, beyond numbers, records, depth, join us in May for two amazing weeks:



We still have some places left! Email us asap on to secure your place in heaven! Have a beautiful day, and see you very soon, I hope!