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  • Stuttgart, Germany (map)

Yoga and Meditation Workshop

We all want to succeed in life, but what does it really take? Hard work, pushing ourselves, stress, exhaustion and overwhelm, but a reward at the end (whenever that may be)? Or could it be that we are missing a vital link in how we work towards our goals, and therefore are expending too much energy, and falling short of our full potential?

Coordinating Mind, Body & Spirit is a look at how we function as human beings, and shifting the perception that we are simply flesh and bones and a powerful computer (the mind) to operate it for us. In reality, while our mind does have infinite power, we have barely even begun to harness it and it rages out of control most of the time, causing us to be reactive and flip into negativity far too readily. We push ourselves too hard, and ignore the signals our body gives us that we should slow down, rushing headlong into more and more severe symptoms of discomfort, pain and ultimately being completely unable to function. 

When we look at ourselves as a whole - that the guiding light within us is that of our Spirit or Soul, and that when we listen to the Soul we can never go wrong; that the body is an awesome, miraculous vehicle in which the Soul travels and through which it communicates to us; and that the mind is our most powerful tool, our most efficient and effective servant, THEN the magic really starts to happen. 

This weekend will give an insight into these deep truths, and allow you to experience all three aspects of your self in a whole new way. Our work together will open up your mind to a whole new world of possibilities - be warned, it could just change your life!

FORMAT: various yoga and meditation sessions, discourses, workshop sessions and open discussion

DATES: 7th-9th November, Fri 5pm-Sun 5pm

VENUE: tbc

PRICE: tbc

BRING: yoga mat, cushion, shawl or blanket, comfortable clothes and indoor and outdoor shoes, rain jacket, towel and bed linen

BOOKING: contact

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