Whether you freedive to compete or to switch off, giving yourself the opportunity to train with one of the top freedivers in the world, can make a world of difference to your experience and performance. Even if it's just once in a lifetime. 

What makes training with Sara so different and powerful is that she addresses everyone as an individual. She helps them to understand and move through the challenge they are facing in that moment. No two days, no two training weeks are the same - because no two students are the same. 

With year-round warm, blue water, great visibility and near-perfect conditions at Lighthouse and the Blue Hole, not to mention some of the most accessible and beautiful reefs in the world, Dahab is arguably the top freediving destination in the world.

Combine the best location with the world's leading Yoga for Freediving coach and you have the recipe for a life-changing experience. Transform your freediving through transforming your mind. Go deep within and explore your inner world as well as stunning Red Sea. 

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