Meditation and mindfulness are essential to leading a balanced, successful and happy life. With daily meditation we learn to observe our thoughts, emotions and energy and release what is not supporting us in the moment. Over time the mind finds a more constant level of calm, and an ability to focus and face stress and challenge with equanimity. We offer our online coaching to serve students around the world.

Jean Philippe has been practicing and teaching classical buddhist meditation for over 25 years - from the very basics on how to get started, through to advanced practices developed over many years of consistent sitting. His teaching - in English and French - is patient, clear and supportive. He sets students on a strong path to a regular practice to support them in their daily lives.

The programme is offered in three levels, enabling complete beginners to start with both a clear understanding of the theory and practice and work in a structured and supportive way through to an advanced practice; and allow others to build on their existing practice and go deeper with the guide of a highly-experienced teacher.

It is essential for all students to begin with a five-session programme in order to establish trust and understanding in the teacher-student relationship, and for Jean Philippe to work with each student on a personal, intimate level to meet each student where he or she currently is.


Initial five-session programme, all levels : £300
Follow-on sessions £60

* discounts for 3, 5, 10-session packages

LEVEL 1 : Introduction to meditation - learn to meditate

Our Introduction to Meditation is ideal for anyone wanting to understand more about classical meditation practice, and how to create a daily routine. Jean Philippe knows from experience, that getting the basics right creates the foundation for everything that will come later.

The Introduction programme consists of five sessions, between 45 minutes and one hour in length, and includes correct sitting position, breath awareness, mindfulness, awareness of thoughts and physical tension, and guided meditation practices of increasing length. The aim of these five sessions is for you, the student, to feel confident to sit daily and know how to approach your practice. We advise to commit to one session per week for the Introduction - this will enable regular contact to discuss questions or challenges that may arise and move ahead feeling fully supported and guided through this early phase of practice.

Level 1 : Introduction to Meditation - Learn to Meditate
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level 2 : Foundations for MEDITATION - BREATH AWARENESS

Level 2 of your guided practice, Foundation for Meditation, will enable you to deepen your practice, directing your increasing awareness and ability to remain present, to guide your mind to a single focus - the breath. Known as ‘Samatha’, it is the foundation for many classical buddhist meditation practices. It is a simple yet profound practice that, in itself, can be followed as a vast and thorough exploration of the mind. Being guided through the technique of this foundational practice, you will find greater clarity of thought, and a greater ability to direct you mind at will, giving you greater control of emotions and reactions, and deeper sense of peace.

Foundations for Meditation consists of five sessions, between 45 minutes and one hour in length, and will include correction of posture, and a steady progression towards deeper focus and longer practice. Further courses can be booked, either as individual, or packages or several sessions, according to your needs.

Level 2 : Foundations for Meditation - Samatha
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level 3 : Beyond Samatha - advanced practices

Beyond Samatha is suitable for anyone with an established sitting practice already, who wishes to explore more advanced practice, such as Vipassna, Dzogzen and Mahamudra. The focus of the practice will depend very much on your previous experience, and the challenges, or goals that you bring to this programme.

Jean Philippe will spend time to get a clear understanding of your current practice, and what you need to work on to develop and deepen your experience. This advanced programme enables experienced meditators to explore the subtleties of the layers of our conscious and subconscious mind, and exchange thoughts on, and receive insights into, some of the phenomena that may arise in deep practice. Your initial course will consist of five sessions to ensure a depth of understanding and trust in the relationship, and can be extended according to your needs with single sessions or packages.

Level 3 : Beyond Samatha - Advanced Practices
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