Training the DYD way

While mainstream freediving education is excellent for creating competent divers, the pressure to reach certain requirements within a set timeframe goes against the fundamental principle of freediving - DEEP RELAXATION. Some freedivers are able to reach the required standards without problem, but many struggle, either gaining the requirements by pushing and forcing themselves, but not enjoying the process, developing bad habits and possibly even suffering injuries, and many more finding the pressure too great, giving up and leaving the course with a feeling of having 'failed'.

We believe that education and personal development should fit each individual student, rather than the individual having to fit the needs of the course. We see and teach freediving as a personal journey of learning and development, and therefore there are no required standards, or timeframes within which to reach certain performances. We believe in helping each person gain greater freedom, comfort and happiness in the water, no matter what their level; from beginner to elite athlete. 

Our programmes are run entirely according to the individual student's needs; we start by spending time to understand the challenges that the student is facing, and why:

  • we understand that freediving is not only a competitive sport; for many people the journey into depth is a literal exploration of their fears or phobias
  • we understand that a seemingly simple equalisation problem, might actually be rooted in deeper, more long-standing insecurities.
  • we know that some people are not even sure what isn't working, but they know that they don't feel the relaxation, happiness and sense of expansion that they hear others talking about, and they want help to understand why

Working with us is an opportunity to take time to unpick the knot of stress and discomfort that your diving may have become, to focus purely on yourself. 

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to lay the best possible foundations, or simply use freediving as a technique for developing greater self-awareness, we ensure you feel completely safe, supported and at ease through every stage of learning.

If you are already certified but still find that elusive 'wow!' factor missing in your dives, then spending anything from a day, to two weeks with us will help you gain understanding of what hasn't been working so far, and why, and give you time and space without pressure or expectation to learn and integrate new skills and knowledge at your pace.

Our trained specialised coaches have a background in yoga, meditation, and therapy as well as freediving. They have gone through their own coaching process with the DYD method and teach from experience and hours of learning and self-enquiry. We walk the talk and know that our personalised approach really works - freediving becomes a joy, and life becomes lighter and easier too. 

Freediving is a metaphor for life, and if you feel discomfort in or out of the water, working with us might just be a great place to start to 

The mainstream Freediving courses are taught with a format that does not allow enough time for deeper relaxation and accommodating every students individual pace. Especially with people who struggle with their  equalisation or comfort in water. The courses are structrured around the course requirements and certification.

With DYD individual approach you have the time and opportunity to focus purely on yourself and integrating your new skills and knowledge without being stressed about the course requirements.

Our focus is on greater self-awareness - something every freediver can benefit from, regardless of their level of experience. Our students appreciate how they can concentrate on whatever is holding them back in their diving - whether it is fear, discomfort, negative mental patterns or self-imposed limitations.


TRAINING programmes

The DYD programme incorporates a personal consultation form and tailoring the training to suit each client's needs. The exact mix theory, pranayama, relaxation exercises and diving will be custom made for each of our clients. 

Depending on the time you have available, or how deeply you want to explore freediving we can offer programmes ranging from 7-14 days and also online coaching. 

Whether it is a specific problem that you need help with your diving, or even when you are just beginning your freediving journey, we are very excited to guide you through your ocean experiences.

In a single session Sara transformed my understanding and application of mouthfill. It is quite simply the simplest, most straight-forward and practical way of teaching this tricky technique that I have ever come across. I use if for my students, and the results speak for themselves with my own diving too.

Ted Harty | Founder of Immersion Freediving


In a way, the first days learning freediving are the hardest. Just because everything is so new and in your mind it feels like you have to go against your instinct. So there's a lot to process. It makes a world of difference if you have the time and support to help you go through making sense of all the emotions and sensations that come with experiencing apnea for the first time. Rather than trying to rush you through the process to reach the requirements for minutes and meters, we will help you start understanding how your body and mind respond to diving and how you can dive in harmony with yourself.

Who is this course for? From complete beginners to people who have done a basic freediving course (0-15m) and who would like to increase their relaxation and comfort in water.


Even after taking your first freediving course or two, you  might feel like you are not sure what you are doing and why you feel uncomfortable underwater. Maybe you have a trouble depth where you suddenly tense up and lose your calm, maybe you are still trying to figure out why some dives feel good and some stressed and rushed. Taking a step back and directing your focus from the meters towards deeper relaxation and self-awareness can totally change the way you dive. It also completely changes the way you feel when you dive. The difference between a pushed dive and a blissful dive are incompatible. We are really hoping to make all your dives a deeply joyful experience.

Who is this course for? For divers between 15-35m who want to add more self-awareness to their diving, master their equalisation and relaxation.


Learning mouthfill can be one of the most exciting and daunting parts of deep freediving, and learning it well can really transform your performance. However, mouthfill is about finding, and learning how to control, muscles that you’re probably barely even aware that you have right now.

Who is this course for? Basic Mouthfill takes you through the whys, whats and hows of this complicated equalisation technique, essential for deep diving. You need to be a 30m+ freediver, who is beginning to feel their depth is limited by using frenzel.  

Prices   (per person)


3-hour Workshop (dry)
Private £200  ✻  2-4 people £150

1-day Workshop (dry)
Private £300  ✻  2-4 people £200

2-day Workshop (dry & in-water)
Private £700  ✻  2-4 people £450

Yoga for Freediving

Most people don't realise how much they can work on their freediving out of the water!

It is widely accepted that my rapid progression from complete beginner to three-times World Record holder in less than a year was due to my previous yoga and meditation practice. Intuitively integrating my yoga practice into my freediving training has enabled me to dive easily to extreme depths, without stress, discomfort or injury. 

I love sharing what I have learnt and, quite simply, these Yoga for Freediving workshops could completely transform your dives from stress to serenity.

Sara walks the walk. She's one of the world's top freedivers and really knows her stuff. I wasn't really open to the yoga and meditation when I started, but she really opened my eyes to areas that I can improve on, and her experience and knowledge made it easy for me to do some slightly weird yoga stuff, that previously I would have really resisted. Coaching way past my expectations.

Trevor Foster-Black | Company Chairman

Mental Focus & Training

In my experience my mental state influences my dive by at least 80%. If my mind is not fully under my control, then neither is my dive. Many divers spend hours and hours stretching, practicing equalisation, working on their finning technique and wonder why they are still not progressing. It is quite likely that their attitude is holding them back. 

Once we understand where our attitude is unsupportive – through awareness – we can begin to fix it and approach our diving from a different, more effective angle. 

 We will look at the mind from a yogic perspective, to understand how it functions, the tricks it plays on us, and how we can begin to discipline it and bring it under our control. 

Mind-Body-Breath Coordination

For me the lines between a yoga practice on the mat and freediving blur more and more the further into either practice I go. What we do on the mat applies directly to what we do in the water, and vice versa.

This practical, interactive workshop looks at all of the aspects of yoga practice and applies them directly to freediving; physical asanas, bhandas, pranayama, meditation, savasana. Even if none of these words mean anything to you, then come and learn more about yoga, and how yoga can help you in your freediving.


Many people think that they are relaxed when they sleep, but how many of you know someone who grinds their teeth in their sleep, or tosses and turns all night and wakes feeling unrested? True relaxation requires focus, awareness and practice. 

In this beautiful workshop I walk you through a range of relaxation techniques, based on yogic practice, and many tailored specifically for freedivers, to take you into a really deep state of peace. 

Prices   (per person)

(all 2-hour workshops)

Private £50  ✻  2 or more people £30