I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing companies I work with or who have supported me over the years.


Here are some of the most important people who have helped me with my website, promotional images and videos over the years. Without them, you would not be here, looking at this page now. 

Michael Pitts

It has been an honour and absolute pleasure to work with double-Emmy Award winning cameraman (BBC's Blue Planet), Mike, on both my BBC documentaries, as well as other private and commercial projects.

3 Elements Photography

I have Lili to thank for the majority of the yoga and desert images on my website, as well as many underwater shots too. A great friend, yogini and talented photographer on land, in the water and the air.

Jacques de Vos

Jacques is an underwater photographer and videographer - and works entirely on breathhold - in Dahab and Thailand. He co-filmed on my BBC2 production and created the images for my online teaching series intro.

Frank Spencer

Frank is a top TV and documentary editor, formerly at the BBC's natural history department. He worked alongside Mike Pitts and I on a number of underwater filming projects.

David Peart

David took the very first underwater images of me as a 20m diver, swimming in a Blue Hole full of jellyfish back in 2006. Still a great friend, he travels the world documenting human's relationship with the oceans, including our shocking negligence and destruction of our single more important resource and playground.

Dan Burton

I met Dan at the very start of my career and have worked with him for commissioned work as well as documenting some of my deep dives

Fred Buyle

Fred is a former world champion freediver turned breath-holding photographer. He captured my fourth World Record at Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas in 2009.

Blue Eye FX

Debbie and her team have spent literally hours and hours underwater with me - from filming my records, to making TV programmes and simply having fun.

Hanli Prinsloo

Hanli Prinsloo is a friend, inspiration, ocean conservationist and just happened to be there with her GoPro on my 104m dive. Thanks to her this video (completed and edited by Jacques) has been seen by thousands of people around the world, and I hope continues to inspire people to dive deeply and safely with respect for their bodies and the ocean. 

Chi Chatchoomsai

Probably the most talented musician I have ever met, Chi has accompanied my yoga and meditation classes live and also created the beautiful music which became the signature tune to my online teaching series.

Vincent Bruno

Vincent helped create the beautiful intro sequence to my online teaching series, helping inspire people around the world to practice yoga and meditation.

Manage My Website

Allie Astell & Ruben Paul turned a fuzzy and changing brief into the truly beautiful and functional website that represents the passion I want to share with the world.

Carmen Tromballa

Hidden in sleepy Dahab is some world-scale talent - Carmen patiently worked me through the branding process - who am I, what do I offer, how do I wish to be perceived, how to combine yoga, meditation and freediving? My 'Ocean Infinity' logo is the result of her genius and patience. 


I work in collaboration with some top end brands to offer real once-in-a-lifetime dream holidays, corporate events, and coaching, training and transformational experiences. 

Four Seasons Hotel
First Residence, Cairo

In collaboration with the amazing spa at First Residence, I have run a number of luxury city retreats in Cairo, bringing peace and tranquility, and teaching stress-management techniques to people in Cairo throughout the revolution.

Four Seasons Hotel
Sharm el Sheikh

In partnership with Four Seasons Sharm, I will be offering amazing high-end freediving, yoga and meditation events in the Red Sea, bringing the magic of transformation through mind-body work to my clients in luxury surroundings.

Brown & Hudson

As Brown & Hudson say, "A single journey can change your life". With that in mind, I am working with them to craft unique, one-off transformational experiences for their clients through the breathwork, awareness and stillness of yoga and meditation, and the challenges and natural diversity and beauty of our oceans. I also offer inspirational public speaking events and womens' empowerment workshops for their client base around the world.


Yoga means 'union' and I'm happy to work with the following hotels, yoga and retreat centres to share the awesome teachings of Kundalini Yoga with an ever-growing audience.

KBH Yoga, Copenhagen

Joern Nortoft, inspirational vinyasa teacher and owner of KBH Yoga, and I offer fabulous 'fusion' retreats in Dahab, on the Red Sea and in the desert. Our combined Kundalini-Vinyasa weeks give both experienced yogis and those looking to explore what yoga could be to them, a taste of expansion, stillness and inner awareness through uplifting and challenging yoga and outdoors exploration in the ocean and desert.

Coral Coast Hotel, Dahab

I have been teaching at Coral Coast since arriving in Dahab nine years ago. Every time I sit to tune in for a new class I am grateful for having such a beautiful space to teach in.

Nun Centre, Cairo

'Nun' and ancient word for healing water, hosts me for workshops and retreats and I'm looking forward to more collaboration, bringing Kundalini to Cairo and Cairenes to the Red Sea for retreats.


Darryl O'Keeffe and Guru Dharam were my first teacher trainers and I have to thank them for knowing when to be gentle and when to kick my arse to get me to move through my blockages and resistance to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

Amrit Nam Sarovar

It is impossible to distill the qualities of Karta Singh into words, but love, devotion, humour, courage, insight, wisdom, humility and discipline come to mind. Guiding me through the ups and downs of the Level 2 teacher training, I am so blessed to be in his presence and share time with him.


3HO - the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation - is the global umbrella for teachers and students and is a deep well of uplifting, inspiring and profound knowledge. 


Over the years I have been taught by, trained and worked alongside some amazing instructors. 

Freedive Dahab

Linda and Lotta taught me my very first AIDA courses and remain friends and close working partners. I am their yoga partner, offering Yoga for Freediving workshops to their students, I often judge at their competitions, and in return I refer students wishing to do AIDA or SSI certifications.

Apnea Bali

Julia worked for me a few years ago and I recently attended the first ever One Breath Jamboree as a guest teaching yoga and meditation and helping to coach the newbie and 'oldie' (Ryuzo and Miguel) divers.



These are some conservation projects that I am involved in - taking care of the oceans so that future generations can have as much fun in them as we do!

Marine Conservation Expeditions

MCE brings expertise, money and publicity to remote conservation projects around the world to really transform the ecosystem, including the indigenous populations reliant on sustainable marine life. As part of the team I will demonstrate through yoga, meditation and freediving, how we interact most beautifully with nature when we do so on her terms.

The Blue Project 

Founded by ocean racer Conrad Humphries, the Blue Project aims to engage the population in caring for its marine environments through the passion we all share for water and watersports - on or below the water, it's the best place to be.


Amazing Kit & Clothing

These companies have been extremely generous in their support of my freediving and yoga, ensuring I look good and have the best equipment possible for my practice and training in and out of the water. 

Asquith London 

Alice Asquith creates beautiful yoga clothes, which not only look good and feel great on my skin, but are also gentle on the environment, being made of organic cotton and bamboo thread.


Since my very first tailor-made wetsuit in 2006, Elios have been supplying me with suits for both competing and teaching in. Each one has fitted perfectly, and I can vouch for the fact that they're great for going deep.

Glide Fins

My first Glide fin is still my favourite, and it has taken me from my fourth World Record (96m CWT) in 2009, all the way to my 104m in 2011. I love it!