Yoga for Freediving

An Online Video Training Programme with Sara Campbell

Press Kit

Welcome to the Yoga for Freediving Press Kit. This is for media and professional partners. You will find all the copy, artwork and images you need for presenting and promoting the Yoga for Freediving programme and course launches on your site. Please let us know if you need anything in addition to the materials supplied here. 

We will update the materials one to two days ahead of each launch action in order to give you time to prepare the materials on your own site. Please email us if you are unsure of launch timelines or need any information from us. 


Here is the overall schedule for the launch, and specific details for the next course launch. Please see the document for links to all the material for sharing. In order to maximise sales through our partners and increase your commission, we will be re-sharing each of your special articles (competition, feature, reviews etc) in our own social media, in addition to the materials we will be sending out. 

21st June : Deep Relaxation
26th August : Manage your Mind
21st November : Energy Beyond Breath
31st March : Training & Performance
20th June : Success & Failure
August tbc : Pre-Dive Preparation


Fri 31st : LAUNCH
- please put out your press release on your sites, and share on all social media (we will post our launch blog)
Mon 3rd April : FREE VIDEO : About Kriyas - how to maximise your energy and potential
Fri 7th April : BLOG : Training Zone: challenging and sustainable - setting smaller benchmark goals
Fri 21st : BLOG : Lung Squeezes - how they happen and how to prevent them
Fri 28th : BLOG : Path of the Spiritual Warrior
Fri 5th May : BLOG : Visualising your perfect dive - how visualisation can improve your dives

Media partners are also invited to release their own materials as they feel most appropriate. Please notify us as to dates of your own materials going out so that we can offer you maximum support on our own social networks. 

We are happy to provide interviews and Q&As with Sara, or to support you in carrying out a product review in order to create your own exclusive content for your readers.

The Yoga for Freediving programme contains six courses. Each course contains a six-week programme to guide freedivers through the material. We therefore aim to release one course every two months and invite you to join us for this year-long launch campaign. This launch strategy is designed to give us all plenty of opportunities for exciting joint promotional campaigns - please contact us if you would like to suggest ideas, or would like unique content for your publication.


As a Yoga for Freediving affiliate partner, please use your unique partner link ( to ensure that you receive commission from any sales generated through your marketing.

In order to make it easy for you to use social media, especially Twitter, we have created short links (bitlinks) to all the online content. These links are listed in the launch timeline. Please feel free to use these bit links in all of your own social media promotion. 


Here you will find all the written copy relating to the launch of the programme and courses:


Please find the links to all teaser videos used for the campaign:


We have prepared artwork in a variety of formats for use on your website.


These images are available for use across all media for presentation and promotion of the Yoga for Freediving programme and courses. Please ensure all photographers are credited (name in the file titles), many thanks. 

Images can be downloaded individually or as a .zip set from Dropbox: Images Downloads