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Our aim is to empower anyone looking for greater depth, greater meaning in life, to realise and embrace the full gifts that the universe is waiting to offer; to explore the full potential that is lying dormant within; to wake up to and enjoy full happiness, fulfilment, connection, vibrancy and joy as well as deep peace, calm and contentment that are the essence of a life well-lived.

Freediving, yoga and meditation offer us ways to help explore the relationship with the self, with the mind, with nature, and with the ‘big picture’ of life. We teach freediving as a metaphor for how we live, and act as guides on the journey to explore personal development, greater awareness and spirituality, as well as depth.

It is only possible to freedive safely by truly understanding and working in harmony with the vital mind-body connection. It is only possible to live fully when we recognise spirit as the core of our identity as human beings. Freedom and joy appear when we let go of the things that hold us back, and start living without fear.

Immerse yourself in nature to explore your own potential - let the ocean teach you the absolute truths of how great you really are. The purity of the desert and the ocean allow you to see things more clearly. Freediving, yoga and meditation help you return your awareness to your body and your breath, allow you to observe how you are feeling, so you can be more present in each moment.

Join us in Dahab, in the ocean, the desert, or in our teachings and travels around the globe and online - and discover your own depths.

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