About Discover Your Depths


Discover Your Depths is about rediscovering our passion for life, and tapping into the endless flow of energy that is ours to shape and create the most fabulous, inspiring, crazy existences we can imagine for ourselves. Discover Your Depths is about realising that each and every one of us – you, me, your mum and the guy sitting across from you on the bus – has untapped potential, un-lived dreams, and that our purpose in living is to make them come to life.

DYD Philosophy

The philosophy of Discover Your Depths is exactly what it says it is! We each have unchartered territories within us, unexplored creativity and untapped potential. Discover Your Depths grew out of Sara's own personal journey through both painful and challenging times, the extraordinary highs of World Records and the life of a top athlete, and the deep stillness and often solitary practice of yoga and meditation. It is about learning through teaching and failing as much as, or more so than, through studying, and succeeding.

Coaching with us is completely personal, no two courses are the same, reflecting our uniqueness as individuals. We spend time getting to know each of you, your background and motivations, what makes you tick and what holds you back, in order to understand your approach to life and how we can help you, personally. We use yoga, meditation and freediving as tools to help each of you experience your authentic self – the self that is courageous, committed and curious and boldly explores this world, this life, in full understanding of how precious it is. 

Discover Your Depths is not only about freediving. Discover Your Depths is a philosophy we have developed to help you uncover your own potential and lead a more fulfilling life. If you can breathe, you can get involved. Yoga and meditation are the cornerstones of what and how we teach. We work in the studio, in the desert, on sun loungers over mango juice. And if you love the ocean, you can have fun exploring your potential beneath the waves, but you don’t have to. And if you can’t come to Dahab, we can meet and explore together online, or even come to you. 

Whatever your goal, we are passionate about helping you find your own happiness. Working out what needs to be present in your life to feel fulfilled, peaceful and excited about each new day.