The Discover Your Depths Masterclasses are training programmes run either in Dahab or around the world, offering freedivers the opportunity to train with Sara in a dynamic group environment and experience the unique DYD training philosophy in a fun and interactive way. The Masterclasses offer a flexible format and programme based around three options:

  • We run our own Flagship Masterclass in Dahab which is open to any competent freediver to join;

  • We create Masterclass programmes for freediving clubs for groups of four to nine freedivers to train with us in Dahab;

  • We come to you, in the ocean or a deep pool, and offer a Masterclass for up to 24 freedivers (depending on logistics available)

Whether you freedive to compete or to switch off, or you want to use it as a tool for greater understanding and freedom, giving yourself the opportunity to train with one of the top freedivers in the world, and the founder of the only true holistic or spiritual  freediving programme, can make a world of difference to your experience and performance. 

The Discover Your Depths Masterclass Programmes have been created through a unique combination of Sara's own deep diving, her spiritual practice and the insights she gained through both. She has created the incredible Yoga for Freediving online training programme, and her Masterclass Programmes are an opportunity to work with her in person, in Dahab or around the world, to experience this incredible fusion-teaching of 'freediving as a spiritual path'.

We run our own Flagship Masterclass here in Dahab once a year with very limited places, usually in late spring. We are also delighted to collaborate with freediving clubs around the world, to offer Masterclass programmes wherever you are, or organise and host a bespoke Masterclass for you and your students here in Dahab. 

Why join a DisCover Your Depths Masterclass?

What makes training with Discover Your Depths so different and powerful is that we treat each student as an individual. The process begins one month before arrival with an online workshop and pre-Masterclass preparation. Through on-going enquiry and careful observation, before, during and after the Masterclass, we help each of you to understand and move through the challenges you are facing in each moment. No two days, no two training weeks are the same - because no two students are the same. 

With year-round warm, blue water, great visibility and near-perfect conditions at Lighthouse and the Blue Hole, not to mention some of the most accessible and beautiful reefs in the world, Dahab is arguably the top freediving destination in the world.

Combine the best location with the world's leading Yoga for Freediving coach and the growing team of highly professional DYD Coaches, and you have the recipe for a life-changing experience. Transform your freediving through transforming your understand of who you really are. Go deep within, explore your inner world and realise your infinite potential. 

Organising your own club masterclass

If you are interested in having your own tailormade Masterclass for your freediving club, or buddies, then please contact us. We are happy to discuss your needs and explain what we are able to offer to create a truly unique freediving experience for you here in Dahab, or closer to your home.