Kundalini YOGA Teacher Training

Discover Your Depths and Seva Simran Kaur (Sara Campbell) introduced Kundalini Teacher Training to Egypt in 2014. We are continuing to develop the programme as part of the Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) school in France, and its founder, Karta Singh. Details on new dates will be made available soon.

Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher Training is the only Kundalini training in the world that offers you both the solid foundation of a 200-hour certified training programme, plus Karta's unique and life-changing Immersion Week. This training gives all students a direct, authentic experience of the yogic way of life, returning to our roots as human beings living in harmony with Nature.

The course consists of three four-day modules, each held over a long weekend on the sacred Sinai peninsula, and closes with the final Immersion Week in the French Alps.

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself both in nature and the five elements, as well as deepen your experience of the powerful teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Whether you plan to teach, or not, this is an opportunity for personal growth and exploration that will transform your life - helping transform and uplift those around you too.

Formal Education and International Certification

  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor Diploma certified by ANS (Amrit Nam Sarovar) and the Independent Yoga Network
  • Certified to teach Kundalini Yoga in any country
  • Comprehensive training in theory, technique and lifestyle
  • Access to continued education with Amrit Nam Sarovar
  • Personal supported study under experienced, committed and compassionate teachers

Personal Transformation

  • Deep personal experience of the most powerful transformational form of yoga
  • Authentic holistic yogic practice to support and uplift you in your daily life
  • Discover your courage to follow your heart and live the life of your dreams
  • Make a difference – in your life, your family, your work place, your community
  • Even if you don’t teach, as Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Unique Retreat on the Beach

  • Escape from the city and deepen your practice in the serenity of nature
  • Relax in the beauty of the Red Sea and peace of the sacred mountains
  • Recharge yourself with the energy of the Sinai desert
  • Detox with and learn about organic yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Create deep life-long connections with like-minded friends

Yogi Bhajan likened the study of yoga to an adventure in consciousness. This is where we can gain a fundamental understanding, through experience, that the basic-self is always one with the One - Ek Ong Kar.

About Kundalini Awakening Teacher Training

The Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher Training with Amrit Sarovar in Egypt is designed to facilitate and promote international sharing and development in a loving, supportive environment, that recognises that we are all One.

Students from all parts of the world are welcome to join our retreat-based training on the Red Sea. We are particularly excited to be bringing this powerful technology to Egypt for the first time, to expand the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and touch ever more peoples’ hearts and minds.

The training comprises three modules in Nuweiba, Egypt, followed by an intensive week at the school’s international centre at Domaine Le Martinet, France. After passing the final exam you will receive a certificate of attendance on the 200-hour training from ANS.

Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher Training provides a comprehensive education in both theory and techniques of Kundalini Yoga, and gives you a strong foundation for a successful and rewarding life. You will gain the knowledge and self-confidence to make a difference in yourself and the world around you, making some lifelong friendships along the way as you develop a strong practice within a supported structure.

Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

  • The Dynamics of Kundalini Yoga
  • History & Philosophy of Yoga
  • Oriental Physiology
  • Introduction to the Mind & Meditation
  • Yogic Lifestyle (Humanology)
  • Kriyas & Asanas
  • The Spiritual Path
  • Five Tattvas

Curriculum & Dates

Egypt Modules   |   Three Long Weekends

The first three modules of the ANS Kundalini Awakening Training take place over three long weekends and will all be based on sacred Sinai, Egypt.

RockSea Camp is a peaceful, family-run retreat centre on the beach just north of Nuweiba on the Red Sea. We will all reside on Starside; a separate part of the retreat centre dedicated to spiritual workshops and sacred practice. 

Accommodation will be in shared beach chalets, and we will have our own shower and kitchen areas. Teaching will be held in the Yoga Dome and palm-frond covered arishas on the beach. Seva is an integral part of the training, so we will all play a part in the running of the retreat during our stay.

Please note that this is a sacred place and you should not bring any cigarettes, drugs or alcohol with you. We also encourage you to leave all your media and communication devices at home to allow yourself a digital detox for the duration of each training. 

Each training runs from Thursday morning to Sunday evening. Arrival is on Wednesday afternoon and departure on Monday morning. Five nights accommodation and all meals are included in the training: 

Wednesday 3-5pm arrivals and dinner
Thursday 5am - 9pm
Friday / Saturday 5am - 9pm
Sunday 5am - 7pm
Monday 5am - 12pm packing, cleaning and departures

We will release dates of our next cycle soon. 

Weekend 1

Dynamics of Kundalini Yoga

History & Philosophy of Yoga

Oriental Physiology

Weekend 2

Posture Training

Teaching Class Practicum

Mind & Meditation

Weekend 3

Karma & Health

The Spiritual Path

Guru Chela & Initiation

Each Egypt module includes five nights accommodation, and we ask students to arrive the day before the start date, and to rest and remain until the day after closing, to assist with packing up and cleaning the space. 

Guests are welcome to extend their stay either end of their module to allow time for rest and integration of the teachings, or exploration of the Sinai and its coastline. Information on accommodation options and pricing for additional nights is listed below. Bookings can be made via email with or after your registration.

Final Week   |  date tbc

The final intensive week of the course will be held at the ANS international centre, also the home of Karta Singh, at Domaine Le Martinet, in the French Alps.  It is a residential week, and starts 7pm on the Saturday and finishes after the final Sadhana on the following Sunday.

The following topics will be covered during the week:

  • Practical Experience of the Yoga of Awareness
  • Naad Yoga
  • The Elements

The week will also be attended by Kundalini Awakening trainees from other countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands and Spain. The week will be taught in English and translated.

Final Exam   |  date tbc

All students have two options for completing the exam:

  • all students are encouraged to join us for a final closing retreat where we will sit the three-hour exam together, followed by lunch and a weekend of celebration, practice and sharing. This exam is multiple choice and short-answer format. 
  • if you are unable to attend this closing weekend, you will need to complete the longer distance exam, and we will give you a month to complete and return this to us in order for your certification to be sent to you as a graduate. This exam is longer essay-style format.

The final dates for these two exams will be confirmed at our final Egypt module in April.


Attendance throughout the whole course is a prerequisite for qualification. Before completion of the course you will be required to:

  • pass a written examination
  • attend all Teacher Training classes - minimum of 180 contact hours
  • teach a class to the required standard
  • attend at least 20 Kundalini Yoga classes
  • complete at least 40 continuous days of the specified meditations and yoga sets - minimum of 11 minutes each
  • attend at least five morning Sadhanas 
  • attend one day of a White Tantric Yoga - see below for more information
  • complete two acceptable yoga course curricula
  • complete of all of the above within 24 months of the start date of your training

It is advised that you attend as many classes in your area as possible before the training - logging them in your Class Attendance Log - but there is no specific preparation to be done prior to arrival at the first module. Throughout the course you will also be given assignments of kriyas and meditations to practice between teaching weekends.  

Another integral part of the course is the ideology of Karma Yoga, also called Seva, which includes sharing the responsibilities of food preparation and cleaning.

Upon qualification you will be registered as an ANS Kundalini Yoga Teacher, allowing you to teach Kundalini Yoga classes to students. You will be eligible to participate in all further ANS continuous education programmes if you wish to continue your studies further.


Sadhana is an integral part of Kundalini Yoga practice, referring to our own personal practice, done either alone or within our communities. Sadhana itself refers to a daily practice, but in Kundalini Yoga it refers specifically to a set of prayers, exercises and mantras given to us by Yogi Bhajan to help us transition into the Aquarian Age. 

It is a beautiful, heart-opening practice which we carry out before and during sunrise, to take advantage of the rising energy of the Universe around us, and is extremely effective in helping us resolve and release past traumas and limiting beliefs which prevent or slow our development and growth.


Kundalini Awakening TEACHER TRAINING Fees

✻  €2080  ✻
Minimum €100 deposit necessary to secure space on training
Early bird, or payment by installments possible

* Special rates offered for Egyptian Nationals and residents, please contact us for more information.

* For more detailed information on what this price includes and extra costs see below

What to Pay, When & How

✻  Deposit plus three installments  ✻

Deposit ASAP - €100
Module 1 - €660
Module 2 - €660
Module 3 - €660
(Jul - €315)

✻  Early Bird Discount  ✻

before Module 1 - €1980
(Jul - €315)

Fees Include

The following is included in your fees:

  • five nights accommodation and all meals at all three Egypt modules
  • three four-day intense retreat-style training modules on the beach in Dahab/Nuweiba, Egypt - led by Har Nal Kaur (Lead trainer) & Seva Simran Kaur (local administrator) plus guest instructors
  • training fees for seven-day residential immersion week in France led by Karta Singh (founder of ANS) plus guest instructors (food and accommodation extra)
  • On-going support via Skype and email throughout your training

Extra Costs

Not included in the fees are the following:

  • your travel to and from Egypt and France (we can organise airport transfers from Sharm airport to the retreat centre - rates can be found here, please email us your travel details)
  • food and accommodation in France - a total of €315 payable in cash in June

Additional Accommodation

If you wish to arrive earlier than the day before the retreat starts, or wish to add on extra days at the end to relax and integrate the trainings before travelling home, here are some options for you to consider:

RockSea - €20 single occupancy B&B; €15 shared 

Seva Simran’s Luxury Villa Prana in Dahab - €35 single occupancy; €50 shared occupancy; €20 final cleaning
* fresh drinking water, fully equipped kitchen, two large double bedrooms, two bathrooms; shaded courtyard, garden & roof terrace - and loving cats and dogs.

Dahab Hotels - from €20 per night depending on hotel, room standard and season

Full information on Villa Prana and the Hotel options in Dahab is available on our accommodation page. Please contact us to book accommodation or if you have any further questions.


Registration for the next training is not yet open. In order to be kept informed of the next dates, please ensure you are signed up to our newsletter on our homepage. Once dates have been confirmed, in order for you to guarantee your place on the training you will need to ensure you send us ALL of the following:

  • your completed online registration form
  • a short written report about your experiences with Kundalini Yoga and your motivation for participating in the course (included in the registration form)
  • confirmation of your payment:
    • either a scanned copy of your bank transfer slip or screenshot of online bank transfer confirmation
    • we can accept payment via Paypal but due to high transaction fees will need to balance your fees in cash on arrival if we do not receive the full amount

Additional Information