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Asquith London

Ethically made activewear that combines functionality, comfort and style. Asquith's versatile collections are made from the finest, naturally performing fabrics that are as soft as they are hard-wearing. Designed for all women with busy lifestyles to feel good everywhere they go.


Uniquely designed, ethically made clothing solutions for divers and people who love the ocean. Spreading love for all things diving and sharing our passion for the sea and its creatures our aim is to unite divers into a community of like-minded people through our stylish sportswear.

WaterWay Fins

The Glide-fin is quite possibly the world's favourite monofin for training and competition. Designed and made by Waterway, one of the most experienced monofin manufacturers, their fins have helped athletes set hundreds of national and world records in both depth and distance. 


Hi-end freediving & spearfishing equipment manufacturer based in Athens, Greece. Focused research and continuous study on composite materials and their properties enable us to provide advanced, custom made products to meet the highest expectations and the exact needs of each diver.


IMPROVE YOUR RECORDS! Freediving suits tailor made with high-quality neoprene. Continuous innovation, evolution, improvement and refinement of the comfort for the best suit for your body.