Discover Your Depths has been expanding recently, and I would like to introduce you not only to the amazing people who are now part of the team, but also the increasing opportunities for creative coaching they bring with them.


In 2017-2018 we piloted our first ever DYD Coach Training Programme, taking four freediving and yoga professionals through the process of personal coaching, and drilling them on the skills, techniques and intuitive approach necessary to help them and their clients go beyond the confines of purely technique-based training. Please meet the new team:



Kati is my lead Accredited DYD Coach, and supports me on most of my group and private coaching programmes with clients. She is also leading her own Holistic Freediving programmes, using her incredible skills to help beginners to intermediates get to grips with the key foundational elements of freediving, including relaxation, equalisation, overcoming fear, and any other blocks that freedivers 0-30m tend to come up against. 

Kati uses the unique DYD Holistic Freediving programme to teach greater awareness in and out of the water, while ensuring the coaching fits the client, not, as is the way of of the standard education systems, the client has to fit the programme. There are no benchmarks for success, no time pressure to reach certain depths, we simply are here to give you the time, space, support and expertise to help work through issues you are facing in the water, and get comfortable to go to the next level.

Clients talk about Kati's gentle nature and supportive approach and really appreciate the difference her coaching brings to their experience both in and out of the water.


Jean Philippe yoga CCH.jpg

Jeanphi is joining DYD as a Yoga Coach, with a view to continuing on to freediving instructor and coach as his own training develops. Jeanphi has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years and brings a huge wealth of experience to his teaching; drawing on his personal life journey, as well as his immense exposure to many of the top yoga teachers in the world, and teaching and designing classes and retreats in Belgium and around the world.

Jeanphi's passion is to help clients and students understand and reach a deeper and more constant level of relaxation, ease and joy in their lives. He draws on both Hindu and Buddhist traditions of practice and philosophy to offer a very rounded and holistic experience of spiritual practice. He complements his teaching with personal guidance, offering clients a space to explore their inner world and expand to greater fulfillment in their outer world.

Jeanphi teaches from his heart, bringing love and compassion to his work based on spiritual teachings and worldly experience. 



Bart is my support Accredited DYD Coach, who assists me on many of my larger group coaching programmes, as well as leading his own programmes both in Belgium and Dahab. Bart is a specialist of Physio-Yoga and brings his expertise as a physiotherapist and yoga teacher to all of our clients. With his in-depth knowledge of human anatomy he is excellent for clients with physical injuries or tightness, to help them release deep and long-held tension in order to reach greater relaxation and depth in the water.

Bart is also a professional coach and has been working with clients for many years on spiritual and personal development issues. He is particularly passionate about helping clients overcome stress caused by trauma, and sees the power that the ocean has to heal and restore us to peace. In becoming a DYD coach he now offers a unique combination of both spiritual, practical and physical support to clients. 

Bart is a compassionate and patient coach helping to understand and release tension, both physical and subconscious.

NEza Cec

Neza Cec.jpg

Neza is one half of the Slovenian freediving coaching businesses Apnea Slovenia and Freedive Yachting, along with her partner and top freediver, Samo Jeranko.

Neza is a very natural and talented coach, and I'm delighted to have her as an Ambassador DYD Coach. Neza is passionate about understanding, and helping others understand, the complex mental puzzle of freediving. She brings sparkle and charisma to her coaching as well as a very clear and professional teaching style, and I'm excited that Slovenian divers are already benefitting from her additional skills as an intuitive DYD Coach to help them achieve their goals, safely and with a smile.


Samo Jeranko.jpg

Samo is the co-founder of Apnea Slovenia and Freedive Yachting as well as record-holding freediver and one of the 'ones to watch' for the future. He is a full-time freediving coach, working with athletes of all levels in both pool and depth. 

Samo's decision to become an Ambassador DYD Coach gives him a really rounded skill-base, the intuitive approach of the DYD philosophy to address mental issues, complementing his technical expertise as an instructor and athlete. 

Samo and Neza will be integrating the DYD approach into their own training programmes, and are licensed Yoga for Freediving resellers.