Freediving Yoga Workshops, London

  • London UK

We are still finalising the details of these workshops, but keep the Monday and Tuesday evenings free the week of 20th and 27th October. I hope to teach a series of sessions, during which we will focus on:

1) Yoga preparation for freediving: how to get the most out of your training session every time (focus: stretching, breathing)

2) Meditation for freediving: how to get your mind under control for optimal performance (focus: meditation and relaxation techniques)

As an optional extra, I will be available for private one to one consultations on diving, equalisation, diet, meditation practice and general life coaching - either in person in London or via Skype any time that suits you. Email me at for more information and check out my Distance Coaching programme for quick-start options!

As soon as more details are available, we will update this page - so keep checking back (and make sure you receive my newsletters for regular updates too! Sign up on the blog or home page)