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Waking Up the Water Element

  • Coral Coast Hotel, Dahab Blue Beach Rd South Sinai Governorate Egypt (map)

(not including flights, airport transfers and accomodation)


* accomomodation in single superior sea-view room | €320

Beginners Freediving Week

Freediving is one of the most mysterious and fascinating sports around. It is essential to get professional certification when you begin to learn the techniques involved in breathhold and depth progression. However, in order to progress safely in and to enjoy the journey fully, it is also essential to learn how to relax fully and to learn to trust the deeper wisdom of your body.

This unique programme brings together the magical technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with my own word-record-breaking experiences as a freediver, to help you learn about yourself and fall in love with the water element around and within you. A deep unfolding will take place.

The ocean is our greatest teacher. In freediving there are no opportunities to shy away or hide from the Truth. It is there and either we embrace, move into and through it to experience a greater, more profound and unlimited version of ourselves, or we will be blocked. This is a profound journey in every sense of the word!


More about this programme

Freediving is a metaphor for life; the way you approach your breathholds and deep diving is a direct reflection on some of your deeper subconscious patterns. Working with the water enables us to recognise, work with and release these patterns far more quickly, leading to expansion and personal freedom, It is a magical journey. If you are fascinated by pranayama practice and want to go deeper, want to understand more about yourself, the ocean and your potential, or simply want to learn how to relax in the ocean and connect with the wonder of our underwater world, join me for this truly unique and breathtaking experience.

Who is it for?

Freediving is for everyone. Some come to freediving because of their love of water, others come to resolve past fears and traumas surrounding water that they no longer want to live with. Approaching freediving through the modality and technology of yoga and meditation enables everyone to discover deeper truths about themselves as they progress at their own rate. There is no success of failure in the ocean, only learning and expansion.

This programme is open to men and women from all backgrounds, all ages, and with all levels of yoga experience (including none at all!). The programme covers five days of practice, discourses, dry and in-water freediving exercises and training, yoga and meditation, allowing time for rest, massage, desert trips and enjoying the beach life.

Continuing your journey

The key to integrating this approach to freediving into your own training is to develop a sustained meditation and yoga practice. Sara’s new online training Yoga for Freediving training programmes enable you to continue to build your mental strength and inner confidence around your regular training routines. 

Event Information


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We recommend Coral Coast Hotel as your home for the workshop. Relax and soak up the energy of the Red Sea in one of the beautiful sea-view superior rooms at the hotel that is the host for our yoga workshops. The hotel is set directly on the beach at Eel Garden: the quiet, peaceful and ‘authentic’ end of Dahab. With stunning views of sunrise over the Red Sea and breakfast in the restaurant or palm Arisha on the beach. It is relaxation, pure and simple.

Yoga and meditation sessions are held in the hotel’s stunning yoga room. Between sessions, enjoy the sun loungers and hammocks on the beach, or relax in the pool, or simply chill out with your book and a healthy fresh juice in the restaurant.

Kit List

Freediving kit – if you have it: wetsuit (3mm), low-volume mask, snorkel, weight belt, fins (or monofin), dive computer
Yoga clothes
- t-shirts, long sleeves, light jumpers
Trainers - for the desert trek
Journal and pen
An open heart <3

** Diving equipment can be rented in Dahab - if you plan to rent, please arrive in time to arrange this on SATURDAY before the programme starts.

What is Included?


  • All freediving, yoga and meditation training sessions
  • Welcome dinner and desert dinner
  • One full-body 60-minute massage
  • Transport to and from dive sites
  • Bouy, rope and bottom weights
  • Yoga mats and cushions

Not Included

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Other meals and drinks


You need to arrange your own flight, to arrive in Sharm el Sheikh in plenty of time to ensure you are relaxed and rested for the first session. Please send us your e-ticket as soon as possible for us to coordinate transfers.

The event will take place entirely in Dahab, and therefore European citizens are not required to purchase an entry visa – simply proceed to the passport control and get a stamp. However, if you are from outside of the EU, or plan to extend your stay in Egypt (Sharm or Cairo), please check for specific visa entry requirements before you travel.

If you are coming by car, please arrive in plenty of time to ensure you are relaxed and rested for the first session. Coral Coast Hotel is easy to find – simply ask for directions once you reach Dahab. If coming by plane to Sharm and requiring a transfer, please send us your e-ticket as soon as possible for us to coordinate transfers.

Contact & Booking

Please email if you have any questions, or need assistance with accommodation or transfer bookings.