This Holistic Freediving Masterclass is a unique collaborative event between Discover Your Depths, and Bjarne Brynk Jansen, a friend and long-time student of Sara Campbell, to offer an intimate holistic retreat and personal development experience to gain new perspectives on the causes and sources of your stress response, and learn new skills and techniques for more effective stress release and deep relaxation.

The programme intertwines the ancient traditions of yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathwork) and the pristine natural environments of the ocean and the desert to give participants a new way of accessing and transforming their thought and behavioural patterns. Through personal coaching and the very visceral body-mind-spirit experiences of physical and mental stress and relaxation responses we guide you to a space of more permanent, and more easily accessible calm, ease and deeper awareness.

who is this masterclass for?

The only pre-requisites to join are an open and curious mind, a sense of adventure and a willingness to experience yourself in a new way. No freediving experience is necessary - we will split the group into beginners and those with previous experience. We even encourage those with a fear of water, or water-related trauma to come and work through these fears in a truly supportive and caring environment in order to experience more freedom and confidence in all areas of life.

The group size is limited to a maximum of xxx participants. The group will be split into mentor-units, according to your background and experience of the water and freediving. Each mentor-unit will have a maximum three mentees and will be accompanied throughout the programme by a fully qualified DYD Coach. All participants will work directly with Sara for all the teaching elements, and in-water experiences.

WHO are we?

The retreat is designed and guided by Discover Your Depths founder, multiple deep freediving world record holder, and yoga and meditation teacher, Sara Campbell. She has created the DYD philosophy through her own personal experiences of deep diving (104m on one breath) and healing (physical and emotional, trauma-based) through yoga, meditation and breathwork, as well as over ten years working with students to help them identify and move through challenges and mental constructs which were holding them back.

She is supported by her partner and yoga teacher, Jean Philippe, who is currently developing his freediving coaching skills in order to work alongside Sara as her number two coach:

JEAN PHILIPPE is Sara’s partner in life and work, and brings a new perspective to the work DYD offers. He has been teaching gentle integrative and holistic yoga with a focus on therapeutic and restorative application (based on certifications in Sivananda, Sampoorna, Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow) and meditation practice (Samatha, Vipassna, Dzogchen and Mahamudra) for over 20 years. Through his extensive experience he works intuitively with each student to guide them from where they are in the current moment, to a deeper awareness of the effects of conscious breath, integrated with the body and mind for an experience of deep relaxation, peace and connection. 

how Does DYD coaching work?

We teach freediving as a metaphor for life - the way you approach your diving, how you move, and hold your body in the water, is deeply symbolic of your deeper belief systems and coping strategies.

Breathholding underwater triggers your deeper, often subconscious, fears, and enables you to see with far greater clarity and honesty, what is truly motivating you in life - your search for freedom, creativity and expansion; or your need for recognition, acknowledgement and love to counter the feeling of being ‘not enough’.

At the same time, the element of the water shows us unconditional support, embraces us completely and mirrors back to us any resistance that we have to surrendering completely to her softness. In water we face our emotions, we learn fluidity, and flexibility, and how to release tension completely. Floating in water is where we remember deepest love and security from the womb, and where we merge most completely with our own essence - both our bodies and the planet are 70 percent water, and more or less the same salinity.

Through the combination of our experience and expertise, and the support of the ocean, in a very short period of time we are able to highlight tendencies which you may or may not have been aware of, and give you real, practical experience of how it feels to release and let go of these tendencies. We will also help you understand how you can shift into a healthier, more productive, more balanced and relaxed way of living.


  • Day 1: Arrival, welcome meeting and introductions
  • Day 2: Freediving essentials - your body in water
  • Day 3: Wisdom of your body
  • Day 4: Feel-good day - integrate and relax
  • Day 5: Peace of your mind
  • Day 6: Bliss of your soul
  • Day 7: Integration day - desert dinner, final sharing
  • Day 8: Departures :-(


09:00-13.00 : Theory, yoga practice, meditation and pranayama
14:00-16:00 : Dive session followed by feedback, questions and discussion
17:00-17:45 : Meditation and yoga nidra deep relaxation


10:00-12.00 : Beautiful desert and coastal drive to Castle Zaman
12:00-21:00 : Relaxation, swimming, sauna, lunch, drinks, games, castle-style ‘shopping’
21:00-23:00 : Return to Dahab


10:00-12.00 : Integration yoga and meditation session
12:00-15:00 : Free time at hotel or in Dahab
15:00-20:00 : Desert trek, sunset meditation, candle-lit dinner and final sharing


Holistic Freediving is for what we call 'new freedivers'. We run two levels of Holistic Freediving; for complete beginners; and for those who have some experience of freediving through other certification programmes, but are still struggling with some aspects, particularly relaxation and/or equalisation, or want a slower, less pressured approach.

FOR BEGINNERS : This programme is ideal if you want to learn how to freedive for the first time, but feel anxious about learning in a group environment, or having to reach certain depths in order to 'pass'. It is also good for people who might have a fear of water, or feel that they need to take things at a more gentle pace. Please let us know if you have any fears, or are worried about whether freediving is right for you - we will do our best to guide you honestly to the right programme.

FOR INTERMEDIATES : Holistic Freediving is also ideal for those who have already started out on a certification path, but are struggling with relaxation, equalisation, or simply want to take more time than is allowed in most requirements-focused courses. Holistic Freediving has a framework and philosophy, but no requirements, meaning that each programme will be slightly different to ensure the unique needs of each student are met, one by one. If you have struggled with certification requirements, and need extra time, or more supportive, personalised coaching to help you work through specific challenges or blocks, Holistic Freediving will help you dive in a more healthy and pleasurable way - which ultimately leads to success in terms of requirements.



£xxxx per person (£xxx deposit)
maximum xxx people


  • four-day DYD Holistic Freediving coaching
  • five-star B&B accommodation
  • desert trek and dinner
  • all airport transfers and transport

Not Included

  • freedive kit (bring your own, or rental €12/day)
  • feelgood day food and drinks
  • flights to and from Sharm el Sheikh
  • meals and drinks

We look forward to welcoming you to your Holistic Freediving experience

For any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to email us to discuss your specific requirements. We are always happy to design bespoke programmes if you feel that our four-day Holistic Freediving programme isn't quite right for you, or you might want to look at our Private Coaching options.