Welcome to Discover Your Depths

At Discover Your Depths we are a growing team of certified instructors, trainers and coaches in freediving, yoga and personal development and our aim is to empower people to live more fulfilling and rewarding lives: personally, professionally and in the ocean.

As well as coaching freedivers to safely achieve greater depths through a deeper understanding of the vital mind-body connection, we use freediving, yoga, meditation and breathwork as metaphors for life and tools for change.

Immerse yourself in nature to explore your own potential - to let go of the things that hold you back and feel the freedom and joy of living without fear. The purity of the desert and the ocean allow us to see things more clearly. Freediving, yoga and meditation help us return our awareness to our body and our breath, allow us to observe how we are feeling, so we can be more present in each moment.

Join us in Dahab, in the Red Sea, the Sinai desert, or on my travels across the globe - and discover your own depths.

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