Jillian - Holistic Freediving and Wellness Programme

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Jillian - Holistic Freediving and Wellness Programme


Dear Shane and Jillian

Here is your secure payment page for Jillian’s Holistic Freediving and Wellness Programme.

Wellness programme
- 10th October : private yoga 10am-12pm
- 11th October : private yoga 10am-12pm
- 12th October : couples private desert safari
- 13th October : reiki and chakra balancing treatment 11am; afternoon bread baking session
- 14th October : fully body and face-lift massage 11am

Holistic Freediving Intro programme
- 15-16th October

The costs for each part are:
- Desert safari : £150
- Wellness programme : £230
- Holistic Freediving Intro : £250

TOTAL : £630

Optional airport transfers can be included in this payment at €40 (£35) each way. If you wish to include your transfers in your online payment, PLEASE DO NOT PAY THIS BILL YET. Please confirm the number you will need (one each arriving, and shared departure?) and I can adjust the amount payable and resend the link.

Many thanks for your trust and interest in working with us, we very much look forward to meeting you both and guiding and supporting you through your respective journeys.

With love,

Sara and Kati

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