We invite you to join the brand new Discover Your Depths ten-day Masterclass 14-24 May 2018. This Masterclass is far more than an amazing training experience in one of the world's top freediving destinations.

Our journey together begins already one month prior to our experience together in Dahab. We will welcome you all in our first online workshop on Saturday 14th May, introduce you to the team and guide you through your preparation homework to ensure you are ready for the Masterclass. On arrival your will receive a private one to one consultation with Sara and will be guided and supported day by day by Sara and her specially trained team, as you explore your inner landscape of beliefs and fears, hopes and dreams, motivations and sabotage techniques - conscious and unconscious - to unlock your potential both in and out of the water. On completion of the Masterclass every graduate will receive a one to one online follow-up consultation with Sara during the 30 days after the programme.

This new format gives students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in our pioneering Yoga for Freediving concept, focusing on relaxation, mental training and freediving as a tool for greater personal and spiritual awareness and receive personalised guidance, coaching and support throughout your journey.

This Masterclass, designed by Sara based on her own amazing career in deep diving, and her years of coaching hundreds of freedivers, from beginners to top athletes, offers students intimate class sizes (maximum 12 students), the latest in both scientific and spiritual approaches, and world-class tuition. The Masterclass is being held directly before the first RedCCup competition (27-31 May) and is therefore also an ideal training ground to prepare competitors, or fine-tune your deep equalisation and relaxation for performance diving.

The programme includes:

  • private one to one intake consultation with Sara (15-45 minutes depending on requirements)
  • expert stretching and physiology advice from our in-house physio and coach, Bart Denys
  • daily* meditation, pranayama and yoga sessions
  • daily* discourse to share on challenges - technical, mental, emotional, spiritual - and receive feedback
  • advanced equalisation workshops and troubleshooting
  • competition training and experience
  • extended training opportunities
  • ocean conservation awareness education
  • full body massage / healing session
  • welcome dinner and desert trek and candle-lit dinner


  • Masterclass two-hour preparation online workshop one month prior to arrival
  • free lifetime access to Deep Relaxation 40-day online training course (or other course if you already have Deep Relaxation)
  • private one to one follow-up online consultation with Sara within one month of completion of Masterclass (45 minutes)

* on training days only

More about the programme:

The training will take place in Dahab, the world-famous freediving destination and home of the Blue Hole. We have access to 50m in the Lighthouse Bay just 100m swim from shore, where our training will begin. We will also spend time exploring the reefs, and of course exploring our depths at Blue Hole.

Coral Coast Hotel is our wonderful Masterclass host and home, both for our theory, meditation, yoga and pranayama sessions, which will take place in the beautiful yoga room, and as our recommended accommodation for the programme. The hotel offers all facilities for rinsing and storing your equipment, making your stay effortless, easy and ultimately relaxing. And we are pleased to offer our students an exclusive Masterclass discounted B&B rate at this beautiful, friendly sea-front hotel. You are of course welcome to arrange your own accommodation elsewhere. 

As one of the cornerstones of the Discover Your Depths approach is relaxation and recovery you will find we have built in a few essential days off, and included a full-body massage for you within the programme to really help you switch off and possibly to deal with any aches and pains you may have. 

DATES AND important info

The training schedule will run from Monday 14th to Thursday 24th May. The RedCCup freediving competition starts on 27th May.

We recommend arriving the weekend of 11th/12th/13th to allow time to recover from the travel and to really 'arrive'. There will be optional warm-up sessions that weekend for early arrivals (not included).

We will guide the group on best practice freediving, especially equalisation. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund to anyone who suffers a squeeze or other diving-related injury due to pushing too hard or forcing dives. While we do our very best to support each and every student in their own process, if we see that you are unable or unwilling to follow our instruction, we may ask you to leave the Masterclass. 

Masterclass fees

✻  just €950  ✻

✻  €200 deposit necessary to secure space on training  ✻

  • Discounts available for former DYD graduates. Please contact us directly for information.
  • For more detailed information on what this price includes and extra costs see below.

All activities and services listed above are included in your Masterclass. Not included are the following:

  • Hotel on bed and breakfast basis, or alternative accommodation - see exclusive discounted Masterclass prices below
  • Early arrival warm-up sessions on 12th and 13th (€30 per person, per session, limited spaces available, must be booked in advance)
  • Meals other than those listed above
  • Personal dive weights and lead if needed

your masterclass home

We are proud to be working with Coral Coast Hotel now for the past 13 years. Located directly on the beach in the quiet end of town, just a few moments from the stunning Eel Garden, this hotel has beautiful, but simple rooms overlooking the sea. Special  freedivers breakfast will be prepared for our Masterclass students each morning, and all yoga, meditation, pranayama and theory sessions will be held in the hotel's own amazing yoga room with views over the Sinai mountains and the Red Sea. There are rinsing and storage facilities for your dive gear. It couldn't be simpler!

room rates


✻  Single : €36 per night // Double : €44 per night  ✻


✻  Single : €28 per night // Double : €32 per night  ✻

  • Please note that flights with night-time arrival are charged the arrival night (for example flights via Istanbul).
  • Special rates offered for Egyptian Nationals and residents on standard rooms, please contact us for more information

who can join

We welcome all freedivers who are currently diving comfortably head-first to a minimum of 30m CWT or FIM. Exceptions may be considered if you have dived with us before. If you haven't dived with us before and you're not yet within the range of 25-30m but wish to discuss participation, please contact us directly.

As the discourses are such a crucial part of the training, we ask that everyone is open to both sharing their own experiences, and creating a safe and supportive space to listen to one another, so that we can learn from each other and grow together. 

The Masterclass preparation online workshop on month prior to arrival is strongly recommended. We will confirm the date for this and encourage you to save this two-hour appointment in your calendar.

We require all students to complete a full consultation form prior to arrival and, if you have suffered a squeeze of any degree, or a black-out in the previous six months, to disclose this and visit our dive doctor prior to commencing the programme. If you have suffered a squeeze within the month prior to the programme we may limit your depth.

I want to reserve my place

  1. To reserve your place, please make a €200 non-refundable deposit to us via our Paypal account. Our account email is
  2. Please complete our registration form with all of your details
Add To Cart

Once you have paid your deposit and registered your details, we will confirm your place on the Masterclass Programme. We will contact you in mid-March with information to help you prepare for your journey with us, and once we see who has registered, will confirm the time, allowing as much as possible for all international time zones of those joining us, for our first online preparation workshop. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time here. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the growing family of DYD graduates, learning to dive safely and successfully, through greater personal awareness - and remembering that it's the experience that counts, not the number!

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