Coaching Apprenticeship

The DYD Coaching Apprenticeship programme is a unique professional development course for freediving instructors. The course enables instructors to develop their skills from teaching standardised certification programmes to intuitively working with students of all levels to deliver personalised programmes. By developing your coaching skills you will be able to make a difference not only for the student's technique and diving skills but for their understanding and implementation of more effective mental processes both in and out of the water. Of course these skills will also have huge benefits for your own diving performance. 


Certified instructors from any programme are welcome to apply for the Coaching Apprenticeship Programme, and while it helps to already have a knowledge of yoga and meditation, it is not essential. You must be comfortable diving to at least 50m to qualify for the programme, and have at least one year's teaching experience and have taken part in at least one competition.

Also, you must be fully fit for diving (comfortably diving to within 10m of your PB), have an up to date medical certificate clearing you for freediving (obtainable here in Dahab from the hyperbaric doctor), as well as a current CPR certificate and full freediving teaching insurance.

Working with Sara was probably one of the best experiences I had since I started working as a freediving instructor. She taught how to work together with students from an integral and more spiritual point of view. Sara is a great coach and a very generous teacher. She helped me to develop my emotional intelligence and gave me the confidence to venture into opening my own freediving school.

Julia Mouce Dominguez | Owner of Apnea Bali

Apprenticeship Programme

The programme will cover (but is not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • consultation and analysis - understanding your student and designing their personalised programme
  • yoga, meditation and pranayama for freediving - theory and practical application
  • applying a spiritual approach to freediving
  • the psychology of freediving 
  • dry preparation - the perfect dive begins out of the water
  • stress management - how to identify and reduce stress in your student
  • dive analysis and training strategies 
  • safe progression, injury prevention

Please contact us for an application form if you are interested in this ground-breaking training opportunity. 

Price   €2000 * (limited places available)

In 2014 the programme will run through the whole of May, running alongside the two holiday weeks in our Fun & Depth Freediving Fortnight event. Further dates are to be confirmed for autumn. Below you will find a outline for the programme:


  • daily yoga, meditation and pranayama exercises for freediving
  • what is an intuitive coach, course requirements and skills development
  • introduction of your own personal meditation programme
  • theory classes on all aspects of coaching
  • in-water practice, role-play and buddy coaching


Freediving Fun Week

  • support coaching students on the Fun Freediving week
  • participation in all yoga and meditation classes, possibly some teaching if I think you are ready
  • in-water support of students, from safety to basic coaching skills


Next-Level Training Week

  • support coaching students on the Next Level Training week
  • deeper application of skills learned so far both in dry and in-water sessions
  • close supervision of your own group of students, document progress of each student 


  • consolidation of skills learned
  • on-going buddy coaching
  • application of advanced coaching skills for own development and coaching
  • final evaluation and certification

* Please Note

You are responsible for:

Transfers can be arranged from Sharm el Sheikh airport at €30 per car - can be split if you can coordinate to arrive with another apprentice candidate