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FREEDIVING: the Art of Underwater Yoga

An intimate Kundalini Yoga evening

The Art of Underwater Yoga with Sara Campbell

The Art of Underwater Yoga with Sara Campbell

Since setting three World Records with just nine months of training, Sara Campbell has been repeatedly asked what the secret of her success is. Lentils? Probably not… Her background as an aerobics instructor? Hardly!

Of course, as most of us now know, it was – and is - her yoga practice! As an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher and practitioner, Sara realised that she has a whole toolbox of knowledge and skills, which she was using automatically. These enabled her to progress from beginner through to deepest woman in the world, effortlessly and without experiencing the blockages that most freedivers face.

In this three-hour workshop Sara shares some of her most valuable yogic tools to help YOU break through the barriers, and unlock YOUR own potential in the water.


Sara’s teaching and diving are effective because they are holistic. Sara believes that many freedivers fail, or experience frustration because they miss elements that are crucial to an integrated and successful training approach. With this in mind, be prepared to work not only on your body, but on your mind and your relationship with yourself!

This workshop goes way beyond the boundaries of any freediving training you will have experienced; physical yoga practices, pranayama exercises and techniques are a given when looking at yoga for freediving. Sara takes you that step further with The Art of Underwater Yoga – understand your mind, the source of every success and failure. Recognise yourself as spirit, beyond the limitations of the physical, to explore what potential can really mean.


No yoga experience necessary! Come as you are, and be prepared to learn how to integrate some simple yet profound mental, physical and spiritual techniques to transform your freediving!

Also a fascinating workshop for non-freedivers – after all, freediving is simply a metaphor for how we live our lives.

Teaching language : German (with a few ‘Sara-isms!’)

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