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Holistic Freediving - it's not about the numbers

  • Coral Coast Hotel Dahab Egypt (map)

An introduction to Holistic Freediving

We are excited to announce some changes here at DYD, including some new programmes to help people struggling with some of the basics of relaxation, equalisation and getting away from the pressure of numbers and results-focused diving, led by our newly certified DYD Holistic Freediving Coach, Kati Tarro.

We are running a series of introductory workshops to launch our new Holistic Freediving programmes this summer to give you an opportunity to experience how different freediving can feel when the focus is on your experience, rather than your performance. We are offering this series of introductory programmes at an incredible discounted promotional rate.

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What is Holistic Freediving?

This workshop is part of our Yoga for Freediving concept, focusing on relaxation, mental training and self-awareness - both in and out of water. Too often freedivers get stuck in their heads about numbers and lose the connection to the original joy of freediving and diving without expectations. Our aim is to help you get back to the feeling of freediving and forget about the numbers as a benchmark of your diving experience. 

Using Kundalini practices and Sara Campbell's Discover Your Depths framework, this workshop gives participants a different experience of freediving - a more holistic, rounded and balanced approach. 

Through breathwork, meditation, and awareness, students will explore their inner landscape of beliefs and fears, motivations and sabotage techniques. 

Who is it for?

We have designed this programme to support all freedivers who already have a basic knowledge of freediving, who have completed their first, or even second certification, but are finding their dives stressful and not as enjoyable as they had hoped. It is also ideal for freedivers who are struggling to meet requirements for a certification, and who need extra time and a more caring, personalised approach, to help them dive in a more healthy and pleasurable way - which ultimately leads to success in terms of requirements.

Each workshop will be open to a maximum of three freedivers to ensure the quality of the teaching and personal attention for all participants.

This programme can also be organised for complete beginners on request. Why start out stressed when you can start with us?

Your Holistic Freediving Coach


The workshop is run by Kati Tarro, freediving and yoga instructor and Discover Your Depths certified coach. Kati is an expert in beginner to intermediate freedive coaching. Having struggled with relaxation and equalisation herself, she has already walked the talk, and continues to do so with daily meditation and on-going personal development work as a DYD team member. Her patience and gentleness are noted by everyone who dives with her, and she is not just an excellent freediving instructor, but an excellent teacher and human being.

I am extremely proud to have her on board to support our beginner and intermediate freedivers to set a strong foundation of relaxation and the correct approach, to help them grow, whether with us, or further afield. I have every confidence in her.

If you want to find out more, check out her 'praise-page' with comments from her DYD clients and students. 


While we of course make sure your body alignment is correct and your equalisation and finning is good, our approach goes way beyond technique. We truly believe that in order to freedive well, we all need to address our fears and negative beliefs as, whether we are aware of them or not, they will surface when we are holding our breath metres below the surface of the ocean.

This programme looks at the three primary facets of us as human beings; body, mind and spirit; and helps each student individually understand and overcome his or her mental challenges in the water. 

Day 1: Wisdom of your body
Day 2: Peace of your mind
Day 3: Day off to rest and reflect
Day 4: Bliss of your soul
Day 5: Diving into your truth


09:00-13.00 : Theory, yoga practice, meditation and pranayama
14:00-16:00 : Dive session at the Lighthouse, followed by feedback, questions and discussion


Workshop 1 : 18-22 August 2018
Workshop 2 : 20-24 September 2018 (SOLD OUT!)

Further dates in September available on request, so please email us to check availability!
 * Introductory Special Offer available through August and September only! *

Event Investment

Special Introductory Price
£250 per person


  • four full days of personalised coaching
  • mornings for theory, yoga, meditation and pranayama
  • afternoons for freediving at your pace, and feedback
  • all transfers to and from dive sites

Not Included

  • freediving equipment - please bring your own, or you can rent full kit for €12/day
  • accommodation
  • travel
  • meals and drinks

To register, or to ask us any questions about the Holistic Freediving programme, or any other coaching and freediving questions, please send us an email here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

And if you're ready to jump straight in, you can get the Special Introductory Offer price of just £250 here to guarantee your place!