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Winter Alignment Yoga Retreat

  • Coral Coast Hotel Dahab Egypt (map)
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with Sara Campbell and Jean Philippe at the Nour Wellness Centre, Coral Coast Hotel, Dahab

As human beings we are OF nature, not separate from it, and as such all seasonal changes - the subtle as well as the more obvious - affect us also. When we understand the energies connected to each season, we can align our lifestyle choices and our yoga practice to maximise the benefits we can receive from each unique season, to find balance and harmony throughout the year.

Our Winter Alignment retreat focuses on the downward pull of this ‘end-of-year’ energy. Winter invites us to go inward, slow down, to take stock and reflect, to nurture, and nourish ourselves, and be quiet - just as we see in nature as the trees lose their leaves, animals may go into hibernation, and the days shorten and the temperatures drop.

It is the time where we heal what needs to be healed, release what needs to be released, in order to be able to flourish and grow, unhindered or held back by the past, when the uplifting and expanding energy of Spring arrives.

Why you should join us

Change is the one constant in our lives, and many of us sense that we could be getting more from life, have more energy, greater fulfilment from our work or relationships, better health, more ease and a deeper sense of balance and connection. However, very often we chase after one thing and then the next, and end up exhausted, and feeling further from our goal than ever before.

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This mini-retreat is an opportunity to connect with the energies of this season, and to gain insights and tools into changes you can make to align yourself to - let go of any resistance to - what is already occurring naturally within and around you. When we ‘go with the flow’ of the more subtle but infinitely powerful energy of the winter seasonal change, we find we can ease into deeper relaxation, make time for reflection, and gather our strength for doing what needs to be done. This in turn then supports us to take positive, conscious action when the time is right. We save energy, and feel more fulfilled by all of our decisions.


Friday 30th November
: Kundalini Yoga, meditation and pranayama practice for weathering the winter; discourse on winter energies with Sara
16.30-18.30 : Holistic Yoga, meditation and yoga nidra for winter grounding with Jean Philippe

Saturday 1st December
: Kundalini Yoga, meditation and pranayama practice on winter as our time of healing; discourse on winter practices with Sara
16.30-18.30 : Holistic Yoga, meditation and yoga nidra for winter healing with Jean Philippe

As well as two immersive practical experiences and discourses each day, students will receive a workbook to stimulate personal enquiry, reflection, and invite change based on the wisdom contained in the winter energies. 


Wisdom comes with winters.

Oscar Wilde


You must apply to reserve your place in this retreat in advance by payment of a non-refundable deposit.

Booking will close on 27th November to allow us to properly prepare for your arrival and your inner journey with us.


le2500 / £110 includes all yoga practices and workbook
You can also pay from Egyptian bank accounts and systems by contacting Coral Coast Hotel.


Please contact Coral Coast for accommodation options, or you are welcome to organise alternative accommodation.


Sara Campbell has been guiding people to discover their depths since long before becoming a world champion freediver. Her journey of self-healing from severe stress-related illness led her to become a Kundalini yoga teacher and ultimately brought her to a new life in the ocean. Here she truly began exploring the concepts of life, happiness, success and failure, and how to reach our human potential, both in and out of the water, on and off the mat. Sara looks to nature for the wisdom that it can impart, and how we can learn to live more in balance with ourselves and our surroundings. 

Sara teaches yoga, meditation and freediving internationally, and also provides spiritual coaching to help people explore beyond their perceived limits. She has been involved in several TV documentaries on freediving and human potential, is the founder of Discover Your Depths, and has created her own online training programme, Yoga for Freediving.


Jean Philippe has been teaching gentle integrative and holistic yoga with a focus on therapeutic and restorative application (based on certifications in Sivananda, Sampoorna, Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow) and meditation practice (Samatha, Vipassna, Dzogchen and Mahamudra) for over 20 years. Through his extensive experience he works intuitively with each student to guide them from where they are in the current moment, to a deeper awareness of the effects of conscious breath, integrated with the body and mind for an experience of deep relaxation, peace and connection. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any of our other programmes. We are happy to help you find the right programme for you, or even design a personal retreat that feels absolutely right for your needs.

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