Divesangha - the DYD Community expands...

Wooohooo! I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Divesangha, a super-cool new UK- based dive-gear design company! Their first collection just landed with me in Dahab and I took it straight to the pool-side to get some shots! Nice, huh? Lucky me!

What I LOVE about Divesangha….

Super-cute beach dress, also in white

Super-cute beach dress, also in white

- the quality is just…. mmmmmmmmmm. Clothes feel soft, silky and yes, almost sensuous next to bare skin

- they've really thought of everything you could want - easy zip-up dress for girls, water resistant pocket zips for wallets, fast-dry fabrics, and absorbent lining so you can pull them on over your wet swimmers if necessary. The t-shirts are even numbered so you can trace where it came from!

- their unique dryOX hanging system means my clothes won't blow away even on Dahab's windiest days (don't do what I did and button yourself into your shorts and t-shirt as it took me over half an hour to get out again! - luckily they like blonde ambassadors!)

- they're super-cute for normal wear and are perfect for teaching, stretching, and then going to the beach to hang out with girlfriends and still feel stylish

- Oh, and they make stuff for men too!

Shorts and t-shirt, all you need for a day by the water

Shorts and t-shirt, all you need for a day by the water

If that weren't enough, to celebrate our partnership, Divesangha is giving a rather lovely 10% off all orders, PLUS you get a FREE dry-bag with every order! Aren't they wonderful people! To take advantage of this, sign up to my newsletter before 6pm CET on Friday 25th April. This is an exclusive offer to members of the DYD Community, so If you're not a DYD member yet, you won't receive the voucher! 

Dive well, be safe and have fun!

Love xxx