Abundance - the attitude of receiving

I'm fresh down from the French Vercors mountains, a little jaded and worse for wear from the intense yoga training, but if you could take a microscope and see the energy that is bubbling inside of me you'll see that the external signs of tiredness are totally irrelevant. I'm so excited about life I could burst!

Last week I spend six full days in the great outdoors with 60 other yogis and yoginis studying for the Kundalini Level 2 instructor programme. It was Prosperity Week, the week which brings all four previous weeks (Stress & Vitality, Conscious Communication, Authentic Relationships, The Mind) together and gives us a vision of our purpose, the unique reason each one of us is here, removing our fear and doubts to finally release us into the world to create, teach, serve, share, expand and live fully the life of our dreams.

Once again, I did things I thought I would never be able to do, saw things about myself with a clarity to enable me to let go of the past and move boldly onwards into my future, and connected with like-minded - but more importantly like-hearted - people from all over Europe and beyond. 

These weeks are the food that nourishes my inner energy and keeps my dreams alive, keeps my creativity burning and enables me to keep teaching, sharing and serving through the yogic way of life. 

My deepest gratitude as always goes to Karta Singh, my teacher, who has selflessly devoted his life to created the ashram in the mountains, and to travelling the world to teach us how to teach. It also goes to Har Nal and all the other yogis and yoginis involved in the daily functioning of ashram life. And it goes to the trees, the bees, the birds and the glittering, sparkling, icy mountain stream within which I learned to let go of my fear of cold water, and embraced the feeling it gave me each day of being totally, utterly and undeniably in-the-moment ALIVE!

So in the moment, in fact that I totally forgot to take any photos… :-)

For more information on Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, drop me an email at smile@discoveryourdepths.com with the header: "KY Teacher Training", and I will get back to you very soon...

Someone else's view of the Vercors countryside! 

Someone else's view of the Vercors countryside!