Bettina blogging: My golden rule has 2 numbers - 20/80

In her blog Sara shares yoga vibes, meditation and freediving tips. This is clearly not my area of expertise, but I want to share with you my favorite rule which I came across in my times as adult trainer and which I used especially in time management seminars:

You might have heard about it already. It is called the 'Pareto Rule' after the researcher who is (among other fields) a sociologist and developed the rule out of economics. It was proven in a lot of fields and I find it very helpful against the wide spread disease of perfectionism.

So here we go: With 20% of effort and time (Aufwand) you will reach 80% of the result (Ertrag). If you try to reach 100% you will have to add - or should I say: waste - another 80% of effort. So 'good' is good enough!  

I find this true with so many things: writing a blog can take hours but making a draft, leaving it to think about and finish even if it is not perfect still gets the message out, don't you agree? In this case you can also learn some German as I did not want to spend more time finding a picture with English text ;-)

So if you want to find out more you can have a look at: Or enjoy a yoga class or the sea (lucky us in Dahab) or whatever makes you happy. I am following my own advice now and signing out. Let us know what you think about this rule.