Mantras: Kundalini bliss for healing and opening your heart

Imagine a glass of pure water standing next to some loud speakers. Music is playing. What happens to that water? Ripples of vibration flow across its surface and through its entire body, and its actual structure begins to change. You are over 70 percent water. This is why music has the power to make you feel so many different ways; to soothe you, uplift you, bring you joy and ecstasy, calm you down, open your heart, relax you and even heal you. 

I'm sure at least once in your life, when noone has been looking, you've turned up the music as loud as you can, and danced with complete abandon around your living room/bedroom/whole house. Dancing, jumping, shaking, vibrating is a great way to release pent-up energy and emotions, to change your mood, and simply make you feel wonderful. We regularly dance in our yoga classes, and in Aquarian Sadhana, our early morning practice, we chant and sing for over an hour. It is quite simply the best way to start the day.

When the uplifting vibrations of music are combined with sacred prayers and mantra, the power of music takes on a whole new dimension. Mantras - sacred sounds used over thousands of years - all have a unique coding. The way your tongue moves inside your mouth, stimulating the 84 meridians across the roof of your mouth, the shape of your mouth, and position of your soft palate and tongue, directs the vibration either upwards into the sinuses where it gently massages the glands in and around the brain (the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus) or downwards through the throat and chest (to the thyroid, parathyroid and thymus glands) causing them to balance their activity, which in turn regulates almost every function in the body. 

By helping your relax, it switches on your parasympathetic nervous system (the system we have to be in in order for the body to regenerate), and the wisdom of your body will do what is necessary to restore balance, health and peace within you. 

You don't need to understand the sacred science of mantra to receive its benefits. You can simply enjoy it and trust that as you listen as you work, drive, cook, relax, or as you chant along in meditation, that it is having a deep healing effect on your whole being. 

If you want to enjoy the power of mantra, you can download some free healing mantras here

We use sacred mantra as an integral part of Kundalini yoga - when we start our practice we tune in with the Adi Mantra (the first mantra), which enables us to receive the best possible learning experience from what we are about to do, and when we close our practice we chant Sat Nam, which connects us with the Truth of who we really are, releasing us from our feelings of not being good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, brave enough, clever enough… None of which is our Truth.

To really learn more, come to class - Thursdays 6pm on the beach as long as the weather allows us, and Sundays 10am. We share Aquarian Sadhana every Tuesday at 5am - all at Coral Coast Hotel in Dahab. Everyone, of every age, background, culture, belief system, is welcome.

And of course the teacher training is the most profound way to immerse yourself in the vastness of these beautiful, healing teachings, whether you intend to teach or not. The next teacher training programme starts on 11th November and there is still time to join us. Contact me for more information, at e are waiting to welcome you home, with love from all of us here in the Sinai sangat.