Yoga - so much more than being able to touch your toes!

When you think about yoga you may well imagine super-skinny men and women bending themselves into pretzel shapes and making you feel that there's not point in even starting because you can't even touch your toes.

Asana - the physical practice of yoga - is just one teeny-tiny part of the whole picture. It is through the body that we access, and can begin to work, with mind and spirit. As such the body is a convenient attribute to the mind and the spirit - something that needs to be maintained and cared for, just as you would care for your car, but it is far from being the whole story.

Yoga is a full life philosophy, which includes how to care for the body through movement and nutrition, along with how to discipline and master the mind, expand the spirit, create harmony in all aspects of our lives, and recognise the Oneness in all.

The KRI Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training gives you a full grounding of the fullness of yoga, in all its richness, depth and beauty. One of the key aspects of the training is diet - learning how to care for and even heal your body using natural foods and herbs. We will introduce you to traditional Indian recipes which not only make you feel good, they taste great and will probably become staples of your diet for the rest of your life.

Here's a great one to start you with as we move into autumn and winter - Yogi Tea. Make a big pot of it, keep it on a low flame, or, in bedouin-style, nestling in the coals of a fire, and enjoy! There's no better way to keep warm, cosy and healthy this winter!

There is still time to join the training to learn about yogic diet and all other aspects of this fascinating, practical and more-relevant-than-ever technology. Kundalini Yoga healed and transformed my life - what might you do if you join this magical path?

To join, simply register here and email for more information on how to pay, and what to bring. The first module starts 11-16 November (continuing 13-18 January and 30 March-4 April). We look forward to welcoming you to the Sinai Sangat with a lovely cup of hot Yogi Tea!

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